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Daily Mealz discount code – Daily Mealz

When the intention of any user is to buy online through any online store or obtain any service through any website or application, he first looks at the prices, as every customer wants to obtain the service or product at low prices or reduced prices and is always looking for Continuous offers, so these sites or applications provide offers on a daily basis, and besides that, these sites provide more and more exclusive and effective discounts, and that is through the discount coupons that the customer gets from the sites that provide coupons and uses them during the shopping process or purchasing the service from this The website or the application, so the Dailymealz application provides us with what is known as the Daily Mealz discount code, in order to obtain the service and healthy eating with discounts and reduced prices.

Daily Mealz app

The Daily Mealz application is a unique application that provides a service which is the delivery of healthy food to your office on a daily basis through a monthly or weekly subscription, depending on your desire to subscribe, and this application is available to its users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and inside Kuwait, this application offers The easiest and fastest way to get food, with many opportunities to get the service at a better price, through the Daily Mealz coupon code.

As for how to subscribe to the application to get all the services it provides, you must first download the application, and then you must choose a meal for each day, and then determine the type of subscription you want.

Daily Mealz Subscription Plan – Daily Mealz

The application provides many subscription plans so that the user can choose the appropriate plan for him to subscribe and the plans are:

Weekly business lunch: This plan is for 5 days and costs 179 SAR, including delivery.

One-week vegetarian business lunch: This plan is for 5 days and costs 225 SAR, including delivery.

Two-week business lunch: This plan is 10 days long and costs 359 SAR, including delivery.

One-month business lunch: This 20-day plan is priced at 617 SAR, including delivery instead of 700 SAR.

Features of the Daily Mealz app

The app offers its customers various meal plans.

With fast delivery services, it always seeks to satisfy the customer and fulfill all his desires.

The customer service that works for the store facilitates many procedures that face the customer in any problem.

The store serves my country, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

In addition to the fantastic prices that are not available in many food applications.

The customer can also use a discount coupon to get more discounts.

Payment methods in Daily Mealz

There are many payment methods that make it easier for the customer to order food, such as:

Pay by bank transfer.

Pay by credit cards.

Through the payment service made.

Or pay cash on delivery.

Download the DailyMealz app

The application is available for users to both system and downloads for free,

To download the application for Android, click here

To download the application for the iPhone, click here

Download the app now and grab the Daily Mills coupon to get the service at the best prices.

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